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i need jaejoong icons stat.

So I was wrong in my previous post.

It's basically been a year since I've fallen headfirst into fandom, and to be totally honest, I love JaeChunSu. They're my favorite, they're hot, dress funky off-stage, AND OMG THEY'RE A GROUP TRYING TO DANCE ROFLMAO AND SING AND THEY'RE GOING TO BE AT THE TOKYO DOME. 

It's 6:25AM and holy fuck, I'm this close to crying my eyes out because I'm so happy and sad at the same time. Yes, it's (very very very) sad there won't be Yunho or Changmin, and yes, there probably will be a giant fan protest happening in the future. But ngl, I am so excited to see how this works out. I had originally prepared myself that they would all split their separate ways into dramas and shows and then fading into normal-ish lives, so this is a lot better than that. Who knows, maybe Yunho and Changmin'll guest-star.

P.S. Fuck you, Universal. Stop trying to eat up all the music companies out there (case in point: Miyavi was just not the same after he signed with them; I loved him so better much when he was with PSC).

P.P.S. Please sit the fuck down, Max Matsuura. We don't need somebody being goddamn cryptic and throwing insults to make the divide even bigger. You're a big president, yes we all know. Now how about getting off Twitter and trying to negotiate Yunho and Changmin off SM?

P.P.P.S. Does anybody have a fabulous JaeChunSu icon they would be willing to share with me so I may celebrate this occasion properly?
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a snare, a drum, a melody and a harmony

It's just a suspension, guys. I know it sounds scary and people are freaking out because there won't be new singles every six months, but the fact that they aren't officially parting ways means that there is hope. Authority figures are prone to dishing out punishments to their so-called rebels; it's a slap on the wrist most of the time. Besides they're all still around doing their own thing. Have faith. :)
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one, two, three, four, hey!

To all of my readers & f-list: 
I miss you all and I'm really sorry for being absent for the last month! I haven't really gotten a ton of inspiration to write, and I feel like a lot of the people who requested fics aren't even around anymore since I'm the slowpoke of slowpokes at writing. So if you requested something, and would still like it, please comment here and tell me. 

Also, Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you all are having a girls' date with your friends or getting swept off your feet by your significant others.

Cheer me up!

junsu - why

Champagne in a Plastic Cup (or, a Brief Stint in New York Caused By a Canceled Flight)

Champagne in a Plastic Cup (or, a Brief Stint in New York Caused By a Canceled Flight)
OT5, brief Yoosu, Homin
The Big Apple gets snowed in; Yoochun spends the holidays with four strangers.

tvxqfic  prompt challenge: "what's so weird about being head over heels?" uh, absolutely nothing. /bricked.

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changmin - i wished for you

/crashes headfirst into the new decade with minimal injury!

new things i tried:
- living on my own in college
- sledding at midnight on mount lemmon
- having dinner at 2am
- gaining weight, but too much of it at once oops
- painting my nails
- driving
- a boyfriend
- going into victoria’s secret
- kpop fandom (and then it promptly conquered my life. thanks, kpop, thanks)
- did an uljjang contest
- mylifeisaverage.com

things i did, and did well:
- uh, i didn’t drop out of college and escape to tahiti (aka my gpa is not totally down the loo)
- sleeping, a lot of it, usually through class
- idk, i think i wrote some decent dbsk fic
- keeping boyfriends (i didn’t start dating until this year and i’m on the third guy already /facepalm)
yoochun lololol jk

things i did not do well (or did not do at all):
- study at a proper time of day
- exercise
- keeping up with my f-list and talking to you guys, sorry

things kpop fucked up:
- boybands

things to do this year:
- get back down to 45kg
- have a 3.8 gpa
- finish tvxqfic prompts
- study abroad in taiwan (or..well, make plans to)
- sleep before midnight on most nights
- shop less, save more
- make a video post (?) lol
- make a resume for genetic research lab & scheduling internship
- have christmas early with my bffs
- learn to breakdance, maybe

there'll be more when winter break ends ‘cos then i’ll be in work mode and suddenly a mountain of things i must accomplish and do this year will fall upon me. escaping to tahiti, i must resist!

happy new year, everybody.