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are we human or are we dancers?

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22 December
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♪ younghee
♪ 16
♪ university student
♪ yoosu, homin, jaesuchun

♪ dbsk, 8eight, lady gaga, super junior, frou frou, immi, big bang, tegan and sara, the gazette, lenka, yiruma, augustana, red hot chili peppers, yeah yeah yeahs, the veronicas, neyo

♪ tatta hitotsu no koi, coffee prince, nobuto wo produce, hana kimi, heading to the ground, house

♪ my own private idaho, howl's moving castle, final fantasy: advent children wall-e, watchmen, wristcutters: a love story

♪ english, chinese, spanish, japanese

♪ red, black, gold

♪ writing, sleeping, billiards, art&design, singing, dancing, piano, violin, cooking, fortune cookies, furniture, h&m, forever 21, urban outfitters, american apparel, puzzle games, cherry-flavored anything, sweet&spicy food, phantom of the opera

♪ i love meeting new peeps. pop in and say hi. :D feel free to add me on facebook or im.

♪ msn: pizelust@hotmail.com
♪ aim: bonjoursu


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